I'm sure you guys are familiar with the good ol' VNC server/viewer. Well, I'm trying to set it up on both my home and office computers so that I can access one from the other and vice versa. I've got both the server and the listening viewer running on both machines, but I'm not getting anywhere. I've entered the WAN IP for my office computer into my home computer and vice versa, but I keep getting "server could not be found".

So, I'm wondering, could it be one of my security tools in the way? I have a ZA firewall on my home computer, but I configured it so that it should allow VNC through. We have a SonicWALL hardware firewall here at the office, and it's offered no complaints from my home computer trying to connect. So it doesn't look like it's a firewall issue.

So I dunno...Am I missing something obvious? Why can't these two see each other?