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Thread: New MotherBoard Suggestions..

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    New MotherBoard Suggestions..

    Ok this weekend i'm cruising on down to the local Computer swap meet and i'm gonna hunt down a new mother board and other pieces.
    Now i'm planning on using the new Box for mainly Gaming, like Warcraft, Need for speed underground, BattleField etc etc.
    So i'm going to attempt to put together the perfect Gaming Machine, that will run everything i wanna (Game Wise) without anyproblems.
    So i'd like some suggestions on the type of MotherBoard, Ram HDD Video Card etc etc that i should purchase.
    Now i've saved up $800 dollars so that is the limit to how much i can spend.
    So let's see some ideas .

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    Hi mate!

    Being a "pommy B*****D" you will realise that I have no idea of prices over there

    If you want gaming, and some futureproofing/expansion potential I guess that your first decision has to be whether to go 32bit or 64 bit. I would have thought 64?

    I don't think that current games are designed to use multiple processors, so I wouldn't bother with that.

    For gaming, I would be inclined to go AMD rather than Intel (the gamer's Xeon will blow your budget). Get your own heatsink/fan and use silver thermal compound.

    Get a full tower case, exhaust fan and additional case fans. Gaming runs HOT!

    Watch out for memory, you should be looking at PC3200 and you want a Gig of it. A lot of MoBos only support a much reduced amout of high speed memory

    Just a few general ideas,


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    hi mate,
    this sunday is swap meet at melbourne showgrounds(hoping you from melbourne).
    personally think its the best of all of them.
    i have built few pc and like going to lan parties think amd and asus motherboard is nice combination.
    have a quick look.
    as playing games generates a loot of heat proper case, proper cpu fan, silver termal paste(tube is 15 dollars on swap markets).
    you will notice when you go to specific motherboard in above link you will notice that new feature they have is c.o.p- cpu overhating protection so you cant burn your cpu
    thay q-fan tehnology which automaticlly adjust speed of the fans depend of the conditions.
    i built my system on a7n8x-x and xp2600 barton which cost 100 dollars for motherbaord and 130 dollars for cpu.
    on cpu have vulcano 7+which i found very temerature stays arond 30 and when playing up to 38c.
    this motherboard had an award as best motherboard for value in 2003-4 year.
    if you go to the asus site you will find heaps of things.
    asus motherboard have been mile in front of the other motherboard in the world.
    look results on
    i have 512mg and dont have problem playing any game.
    was pushing my system last sunday on lan party with unrealturnament 2004 and it was more then fine.-even tho i dont have any special video card ati radion gecube 128ddr se
    ram would cost probably around 150 dollars for a kingston 3200.
    have a look this site which is somewhere in clayton and is far cheapest shop i ever seen.
    if you need any help im me
    have fun
    happy building and playing

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