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Thread: MandrakeSoft 8.2 (PowerPack Edition)

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    MandrakeSoft 8.2 (PowerPack Edition)

    I have finally done it. I have actually started to load my own copy of Linux (or at least a version of it). I have a quick question though. What is the core of understanding a linux type system. I know Mandrake has a GUI but I know it is still able to be used as a powerful Linux box. I am very knew to Linux and I am taking a huge step in trying this.

    So far the only downside is that I only have an old Dell box in which I am loading the linux OS up on so I am not sure how it is going to react with the integrated hardware. I will be building a box sortly but I decided that it would be better to start learning the OS.

    My question is simple. I need to know what would be a good place to start on learning the Linux OS' I would eventually like to go to a RedHat OS but I am going to stick with Mandrake for now.

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