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    Mouse Gestures

    Mouse Gestures to Increase Browsing Speed
    Purpose: Do Stuff Faster

    Get it:

    What it is :

    Mouse gestures is an extension for Mozilla firefox ( That allows you to add gesture recognition to your browser.

    How to use it:
    Install it from the linked site. Go to the Firefox browser, click Tools>Options>Extensions> select mouse gestures>options.
    -Select the mouse button you would like to use for the gestures. You can also add a key, but thats stupid
    -Click "Edit Mappings"
    Personally, I deleted all the mappings and made my own. That is what I am going to suggest you do because its hard to remember gestures you didn't create. That will be covered soon.
    -Select browser (left)
    -Delete all the mappings (optional)
    -Click New
    -Select "Normal Gesture" from the dropdown
    -Select the function below you would like to use. Lets pick the "Back" function just so you can get started.
    -click Recognize, near Gesture code. Using the mouse button you selected earlier, click and drag in the white box. It will give you a gesture code when you release. Delete the code you just made, and click Recognize again. My gesture code for "Back" is Left Right. Remember, it is pretty sensitive, so make sure the Gesture code is correct. Then it's up to remembering the code.
    -Select ok ok ok ok and go to a mozilla browser window. View a new site to get a browser history. Try out your gesture, Left Right, by clicking the mouse button you designated before for gestures, and drag the mouse Left Right Left. You should go back a page in you browser!

    Other options...

    Under the additional setting tab, there are adjustments to change gesture size, and cancel gestures after a certain amount of time.
    Under Visual Settings, there is the option for a mouse trail, which I have enabled. It allows you to make sure your gesture is accurate by showing the gesture as you make it. Don't forget to read the warning.

    Summary: Use mouse gestures to browse really really fast. Combined with home, forward, back, minimize, and reload, it will make you really lazy.

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    Great Stuff Soda_Popinski,

    I'm going to have to down load the latest

    Cause, I like lazy and fast. I'm going to bookmark this for after I get firefox installed. Thanks for the effort you went through to post this. It's a keeper.

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