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Thread: Is the Job market suffering in your Country as well?

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    Is the Job market suffering in your Country as well?


    Country : Singapore

    The jobless rate in Singapore are very high now adays.
    Fresh Graduate are having a tough time looking for Jobs .

    My friends whom already graduated , majority of them with a degree are facing very tough challenge entering related fields. Especially those with a IT degree.

    Either they took a related IT Job with rediculous low pay, Or they found themselves a job which is totally not related to their studies.
    1 of the reason for this crisis is that many local comapnies are employing foreign labours because they are willing to settle for lesser pay.

    i would like to hear from you guys, how is your country job availability ?
    Are you all facing the same crisis like us?

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    IT in America is heading that way. Some companies are sending jobs to India. My dad doesn't care though, because if Sprint didn't; he'd have to pay more for cell phone service.

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    In Canada, we face some of the same problems as the US .. BUT... the outsourcing is primarily a programming issue and networking is fairly steady. In Ontario we're on the cusp of a rise because the health industry was recently legislated to incorporate more privacy into how they handle patient records. I've seen lots of security type positions lately. I suspect that the networking side of IT will be ok (not gangbusters like in the mid-late 90s) but steady.

    I'm seeing students getting jobs within 6 months compared to previous grads taking 1 year. So there is some movement going on.
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    In my country also facing the same problems, fresh graduates are having a tough time looking for jobs, because most of the companies here needs the experience workers such as at least 2 years experience in related fields.

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    There has been much debate over the topic of outsourcing. I have read many articles and this is what I have come up with.

    First of all all economies experience ups and downs in job markets. However we are discussing IT jobs so here is my input:

    I do not feel that American IT jobs are in any urgent distress. True, large corps have outsourced their support (the company pisses me off when they train there outsourced employee understandable english) but with outsourcing a few things happen.

    Lets use Dell as an example. Dell has outsourced some of their tech support. However some of these huges places that are now doing tech support for Dell signed a contract stating that they must purchase all computer equipment from Dell meaning true we did outsource but our economy is still making money in return. Another thing that happens is that we now have freed people that would be sitting on the phone telling people how to turn their machine on to be able to think of new idea and try them.

    This is a quick example of why outsourcing can be good. Well I know that there are many people that have lost their job and I do not mean to through this in your face. However, I feel that if you always reposition yourself you will never have to worry about losing a job because you can fall back on other things.

    So to answer your question:

    i would like to hear from you guys, how is your country job availability ?hear from you guys, how is your country job availability ?
    Yes, we have suffered job loss in some areas but we have also experience gains in jobs in other fields.

    - Adiz
    Ultimately everyone will have their own opinion--this is mine.

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