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Thread: Tips and Tricks for most OS's

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    Tips and Tricks for most OS's

    Some pages have pop-ups: I recomment that you download the google toolbar from

    Windows 95/98/ME: (Clean install for Win98 )

    Registry: (Cable Modem Registry tweaks)

    Hidden Stuff: (MS-DOS) (98/ME/XP) (XP Hidden features) (XP Booster) (XP Hidden treasures)

    Windows XP: (A-Z Tips and Tricks) (tweak Guide) (Tips tricks, Tune-ups etc...) (2004) (hidden XP performance settings),00.asp (REGISTRY) (german) Fixes Tips and tweaks Windows XP Tweaks & Internet Optimizer software (tweaking Guide) (advanced Xp tweaks) (2000/XP Registry) (Handy Registry tweaks) (beginners guide 101) {tweaking XP Desktop} Windows NT/2000/ME/9x and XP

    Linux: (French) (browser tweaks) Mozzila Font Tweaks KDE (redhat 7.0) <-- Mandrake mandrake 10 VM in 2.4.10(+tweaks) vs. 2.4.9-ac14/15(+stuff) {Debian} (Upgrading to the 2.6.0 kernel) Minor Futex Tweaks (SUSE) (Suse 6 Review) (all time favorite GENTOO tips) (gentoo documentation) (installing gentoo PDF File) (Opera Tips) networking tips) (command line tricks WOW (KDE tips and tricks for developers) (KDE Basics) Quick and simple tips for a more productive day (Suse 7.0 Tips and Tricks Computer Help for the New and Veteran User for Linux- Long

    BSD : Unix/Linix/BSD/Nix Tips and Tricks (combined ... BSD Tips, Tricks, Docs and FAQ's. Tips and Tricks
    from Network News (Free BSD) For small setups opera FreeBSD Tips

    Misc : (Solaris A-Z) (Unix) (DNS Tips and Tricks) (SunOS) (X-Windows, Redhat) (GCC on Solaris) (Misc)

    Web Languages:

    HTML HTML (HTML and Stylesheets) (Firefox) Tips and Tricks with HTML (search engines) HTML and Javascript

    PHP (PDF)

    Web Design: Advanced Web Design (adding sound) Web Designing Tricks & Techniques for Beginners

    Internet : (Internet Explorer) (customize IE) (IE) (web site marketing tips and tricks)


    Macromedia: Fireworks Dreamweaver Flash Freehand


    Hope this helps somebody. If anyone has any to add, please feel free to do so.

    Thank you !

    - MemorY

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    Nice links MemorY, will keep me buisy for awhile

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    You wanna make the tips-and-tricks forum useless with one thread , Memory ?

    Nice nice,
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    well very good memory

    add one more registry tricks site

    Keep up the Good work !!
    Currently working on sdome link directories and a brand new programming site. :P will post them soon.

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    Ummm the site transfers you to which is the first link under my registry section

    but tx.....took me over 45 minutes to make this.

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    Doggone Memory,

    You must have way to much time on your hands

    Great links. I will be using several of them and you've save me the googling time.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Originally posted here by .: Shrekkie :.

    You wanna make the tips-and-tricks forum useless with one thread , Memory ?
    lol... Cheers MemorY!
    please don\'t visit

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