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Thread: No more free beer for the Ladies?

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    Originally posted here by bballad
    I am all for equal rights and what not...but thats just wrong.
    Men around the USA wont get laid because the women are not drunk enough! Call your congressman/woman! This is a serious issue!
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    more interesting comment..

    Theaters do it; drugstores do it; some supermarkets do it; and some taxicab companies do it. There are numerous instances where people are charged different prices based upon some physical or behavioral characteristic.
    Should price discrimination be outlawed?
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    And out of the same artical:
    The bottom line here isn't ladies' night or smoking. It's how we Americans allow tyrants to attack our liberties. If we allow them to continue, once we wake up we won't have enough freedom to stop them from turning us into a nation of serfs.
    I think that is a very true statement.( unfortuately)
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    You are right moxnix. Let's outlaw layers.
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    Sorry for reviving the dead here, but bars are certainly not the only businesses that cater to women by offering specials directed toward them. I know that here, almost all places that will change the oil in your car offer at least one day a week they do it cheaper for women, and several car dealerships offer specials for women. There is even a tattoo place here that will do tattoos and piercings for half price for women on Wednesdays...which coincidentally is the same night most bars around here have ladies night. Do you think it could be a conspiracy, they get you drunk for free, then take advantage of your drunkenness by coaxing you into a half price tattoo or piercing!

    And btw, the bar my husband and I go to on ladies night has "Boxers and Boots" night on Wednesdays as well. I seem to enjoy it a lot more than my husband does.
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    has "Boxers and Boots" night on Wednesdays
    I shudder to think what that is (considering it's obvious).
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    dude that makes no sense, ladies night is for the guys more than it is for the ladies, It's easier to mack on a honey when she's got a few in her already. It's daterape on a budget!! lol.
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    Well now an old skank like me will have to start footing the bill to get them drunk enough to go with me.

    It's easier to mack on a honey when she's got a few in her already.
    That was always convenient since I'm one of those that gets better looking at closing time! (Momma had to feed me with a slingshot!)

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    oh really? how'd they get the dog to play with you? (while we're on the subjects of old ugly jokes).
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    its not discriminating against women its discriminating against men as we always end up buyin the drinks anyways

    but this kind of thing goes on all over the place and noit just dependent upon sex either

    student bars, OAP bus tickets, etc

    it all evens out - so who cares?


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