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Thread: SlackWare and CD Burner help needed.

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    Bit of help...

    I have installed Slackware 8.0 on another system of mine and I am having a bit of trouble trying to get the cd burner to work. I have read the CD Writing-HOWTO but it is still pretty hard to understand. I know I must make the drive think it is SCSI ,but I am not sure how to go about doing it. Could someone please help me with the configuration? I would be very greatful.
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    In your lilo config, add:


    At the very top of the file. In the kernels before the 2.6.x family this tells the drive hdb (in this instance, my cd writer) to act as if it was an ide-scsi. Find out what drive your cd writer is, replace it with the hdb, and add that to the top of your /etc/lilo.conf After that's done (all of this as su root of course) run the command lilo to confirm the new configuration settings. DON'T reboot just yet.

    Also, make sure your links are correct:

    /dev/sr0 needs to be linking to /dev/cdrom, so check on that too. So run these two commands to check:

    cd /dev
    ls -l | grep sr0
    On my out put from that I get

    poohsuntzu@kitten:/dev$ ls -l | grep sr0
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root wheel 8 May 25 05:20 cdrom -> /dev/sr0
    brw------- 1 kuh disk 11, 0 Apr 12 1999 sr0
    See where it says cdrom -> /dev/sr0 ? This is a good thing, as it means we want the sr0 (scsi emulated device) to link to the cdrom device. Now there are a few questions after you find out for me if it is linked already or not, so here you go:

    1. How many cd drives do you have?
    2. Any DVD players?
    3. If you have a DVD player is it a part of your cd-writer?

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    Alright, I added the line to the top of the lilo.conf file. I checked for the link but it is not there. I take it I need to create a link to it. Will it need to be a hard link or a symbolic link? I have two cdrom drives, one of them is a dvd drive and the other is the burner. I do not plan on using the dvd drive to watch movies just to access disks though if it makes any difference. Thank you very much for your help so far.
    \"I am trying to beat it but it is a losing fight.\" - My dad said this the day before he died. I will make him proud.

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