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Thread: Any recommendation for Free Good Firewall

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    Red face Any recommendation for Free Good Firewall

    Any recommendation for Good Firewall that you are using and is free from the internet
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    Sygate is what I use... Zone Alarm is pretty good from what I hear...

    that is a thread Relyt made and it is VERY VERY good... It lists a bunch of different firewalls and when someone recommended it and such.

    Edit: If you are using linux as devpon stated, then disregard what I said, but most certainly check out the thread. It lists ALL os Firewalls.

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    /me votes for Sygate as well... ZoneAlarm SUCKS, at least the free version does.

    If you want Linux firewall, just go w/ iptables as devpon mentioned.

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    Here is a good listing:

    I personally like Sygate.

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    Sygate, zone alarm, bah.

    Download zone alarm, sygate, and kerio personal firewall. Each are free, and each vary on abilities.

    I'm sure you will, like most windows users who try kerio, will use kerio firewall and never look back. Who can beat a firewall that not only has fine tuned rulesets, network and program security, a built in IDS, a built in log manager, but also a secure and locked down ability to configure it remotely in case of emergency?

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    I like outpost firewall, its simple enough and is good for ap[plication and connection control. Good defence against trojans.
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    I would go with either Sygate or Keiro. I have used them both and I like sygate better.

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