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Thread: Make Money While Surfing ?

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    Make Money While Surfing ?

    I got a info from my friend several days ago, it includes much, but in a word, I think its, means
    is u can make money while sur internet, he gave me a website:
    and ask me to register...
    Because my poor English ,I want to get a help here, is it real ? if it is real, will u try?
    appreciated any reply ,thx...

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    Dude, they're scams. All of them.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Originally posted here by D0pp139an93r
    Dude, they're scams. All of them.

    Why would they pay you for doing nothing? They want to make money right? Common sense.

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    dude=playboy?me ?oh~thx so much,I just like this aka...
    they say they will post u a check, of course I don't believe it, however, I think I will try,because
    it cost me nothing but some boring or some viruses,even some backdoors when I surfing...
    thx for ur reply..

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    I think he pay me for my advertising for him...
    however, my English is so poor that I can't make clear all his rules, I hope someone whose native language is English will have a try and tell me the result, help me look look(classic Chinese English:ҿ) thx- -

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    The thing with such sites tomyahoo,is that some kind of malware usually downloads to your computer,I've even seen a few services which use your computer to send spam so no,dont go for such sites

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