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Thread: I Need To Trace A Credit Card Thief!

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    I Need To Trace A Credit Card Thief!

    I got a call the other day that we charged this person's credit card by our online store and they never shopped there. I have traced the thief's website via Who's Who and also have his Yahoo Account info...... I want to get more information about where he is from and what computer IP address he was using .......

    Any suggestion..... I am new to all of this.


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    Wait... you charged someone's credit card, and they never even shopped in your store? Doesn't that make you the thief?
    And how would you "trace" the thief's "website"? Did he leave a business card?

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    Originally posted here by Negative
    Wait... you charged someone's credit card, and they never even shopped in your store? Doesn't that make you the thief?
    I think he may mean that the legitimate owner of the credit card never shopped there?

    Anyway, credit card fraud is a serious matter and not one you should be investigating by yourself. Take the matter to the police, they're far better equipped to deal with the situation.
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    So, a customer phoned you saying that your shop had charged his credit card?

    And you traced the theifs web site!

    So who was the theif that you traced? as it was your shops name on the credit card statement so as neg said, that would make your shop the theif!
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    People: This is all rather simple...... He says hopefully....

    dcate has an online store. Someone bought something from his store using a credit card. The owner of the credit card got his bill and saw dcate's online store on the bill as a place he had used his credit card. The owner realized that he had never shopped at dcate's online store so he called dcate. dcate has looked into it and thinks he has certain pieces of information that might be of use.

    dcate: The _only_ piece of information that you might have that is going to be genuine is a "ship to" address. Almost certainly everything else will have been falsified. So, your courses of action are as follows:-

    1. Without a "ship to" address you need to tell your "customer" that he needs to contact his CC company, inform them of the fraud, close the account and open a new one. With luck he will be given back the money by the CC company. If not he may come after you for it. If it isn't a horrendous amount I would be a good citizen and give it to him. If it's a lot and you are out a commodity of value then send him back to the CC company via your lawyer....

    2. With a "ship to" address call the FBI, give them all the information you have and sleep well at night. You will probably never hear from the FBI again but don't worry. It has been my experience that they don't jump on the fraud immediately..... They let the criminal show a pattern and let them rack up the amount of money all the while finding out where the CC numbers etc. are coming from. When they have the info they need and the fraud has a nice fat pile of CC slips with expensive charges against them the FBI slides on over for a nice cup of tea and a chat. This can take a year or more.

    I know this because I had a friend that had her identity stolen. After some investigation and a little social engineering of the CC companies I actually had the name and address of the fraud with a high probability of accuracy. We dropped all this info to the police who promptly passed it on to the FBI. Just over a year later they arrested several people including my "target". They had quite a nice little business going on. They will find it a little harder to manage the business from their current living accommodations.....
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    Tiger Shark is correct. You need to contact the authorities and give them the information you have.
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    I presume the only reason why the authorities havent been called is the negative publicity that'll come out of this whole affair.Not that it was dcate's fault..if you enter a credit card number on an online store,I mean,there's not much dcat could've done is there?Why should they be held responsible for something legitimately purchased(in their view).It is an online store after all.The general n00b does,after all,view online purchasing with concern.Again,no clue on how they traced the user's WEBSITE?And TigerShark,if the guy had any sense he wouldnt use the credit card more than once..I remember a friend of mine who had a cell phone stolen and the thief went on a phoning spree,he eventually panicked and left the phone somewhere

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    Why should they be held responsible for something legitimately purchased(in their view).
    I don't know how it works in other countries, but over here in the UK the merchant usually coughs up for any fraudulent transactions carried out via their account (I know this because one of the companies I worked for nearly got hit with a £4,000 bill but fortunately they were suspicious and didn't authorise the transaction). It's intended to act as an incentive for companies to check carefully before processing a transaction if they think it may not be genuine.
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    Re: I Need To Trace A Credit Card Thief!

    Originally posted here by dcate
    I have traced the thief's website via Who's Who
    what does another website have to do with all this? was something shipped IRT or is this some "service" your selling?

    if someone that is into carding has done this the yahoo account is more than likely either stolen of fake and i would think any shopping done with the card would probably be done threw a string of proxies (if your store allows this) or a computer other that his/her own.

    it is possible that the person making the claim is lying and not that computer literate

    more information would be helpful
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    if you got his website from the IP in the connection logs, it is likely he used a proxy on that server and has no link to it whatsoever, as for the yahoo account, I can only assume cookies were responsible, so that might be legit, however someone who is into illegal **** would likely be less than forthcoming with personal info on free services like yahoo. still it is worth a shot, even tho the response from yahoo will likely be "yawho?" hehe, thats just a little joke I tell every time.
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