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Thread: explorer shows my drive contents

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    explorer shows my drive contents

    here is a big problem with me in html

    <pre>	I am here for
    					 Three days, SO you can 
    			come to me</pre>
    		<form name="rate" method="post" target="display.html">
    		<input type="radio" name="group" value="worst">
    		<input type="button" value="check" 
    I was just practicing with html, when i run this code in IE, and click the button appear, there
    was a great flaw, that clicking on this button IE shows my windows folder contents, where this file was stored, what is the reason

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    umm i get the button "Check" and i guess, we should know the code of your display.html file.

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    MemorY is right we should know the code of your display.html file. here is how you can test if you have found a flaw or not:

    1)IE and your os must be patched fully (go to
    2)place those files inside the following path:
    [root drive]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ and then test your html page.
    3)if it worked in content.ie5 you have to test it in real internet zone (upload it to some internet site " " and test it again)----->if it still works go to step (5)
    5)post it to bugtraq,microsoft ,.....

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    Well yes both black_death and Memory are coz IE is not Flawless. But i dont recommend updating or patching both IE and windows simultaneous.

    1. First try to patch your IE if the problem persists then try
    2. Patching up your OS.

    please describe your OS and IE version
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    Try running your script with another browser. I personally like IE and all the new IE clones that are coming out. However, let us not forget that IE is a shell per se. Patching a shell will help remove any bugs, but it's still a shell. As such, obviously, access to your HDD with the html you wrote, could be possible. Adding more browsers to your quiver, might be the way to go as well.

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    displaying the contents of a folder locally is not a fault in ie. its designed to do that

    click here

    if ie is displaying the content of a folder and thats not what you expected id say the 'fault' is in your code
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    infact there is no "display.html" file in that location

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    If you guys bothered to read the html, there is no submit button, therefore display.html is completely irrelevant. top.html however *IS* where the browser will be redirected. Form submission buttons are of the input type "submit", not "button". The only way the button would work is with some funky non-present-in-this-example javascript.
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