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Thread: Mandrake Linux 8.5 - cannot connect to internet and network

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    Mandrake Linux 8.5 - cannot connect to internet and network

    I'm using Mandrake Linux 8.5, but i cannot access internet and LAN.I'm using ASDL connection and using a D-Link router, i think the router has DHCP. So intially i go control center there to change the setting to the DHCP but it still cannot and after this i change it to static IP but also cannot access LAn and Internet.

    So can someone tell me how to solve this problem??Thanks.

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    Soli everyone, i have made an error, should be Mandrake Linux 8.2, thanks

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    first of all, you could use the edit button to edit some comment, you don't need to double post..

    as for the problem:

    is your system dual boot, or do you have a live on linux cd like knoppix?

    the reason i ask is because i would like to know if your router is setup correctly and if it is using DHCP, this would be pretty easy to see with knoppix or so, since you can easily make an internet connection here by just using dhcp if your router is configured like that.

    if not you would have to setup everything manually, that means a static ip,
    you would have to make sure that the computer and the router are in the same subnet mask, e.g., and the default gatway would have to be set to your routers ip...

    but this would be the hard thing, so i suggest you keep it with dhcp for a while...

    if you type ifconfig, what is the output? is your NIC seen? otherwise you might have to bring it up manually : "ifconfig eth0 up" or something like that...

    let us know more details about the above things...

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