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Thread: how to make a batch file

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    how to make a batch file

    Can anyone say me how do i make a batch file to accompolish some job. Are there any fix parameter/syntax or just do the way i want? Thanks in advance

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    can you be more specific???

    @echo off
    format c:

    is a batch file, you copy the above text to notepad and save the file as <name>.bat, now if you run it you would be prompted to format c...

    so we need to know what you want to do with it, does it need difficult calculations, or is it just a sequence of commands following eachother???

    here is one of the many tutorials that can be found with google...

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    I need to create batch file for automatically startup of IE and LAN as well, how should i make?

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    starting ie is simple.

    start iexplore



    but what do you mean by starting lan?
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    no no no...
    batch file is :
    @echo off
    format d:

    write it in a txt file and save as x.bat,that's OK, than u should double click x.bat,
    after that ,congratulations,u succeed

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    tomyahoo i read your last post about creating batch file to destroy cd, was it this?... lol, I am not gonna try this..1)i am not familiar with batch, this far i know batch is a command which accompolish to do certein work or command if it needed to be repeatedly.

    starting LAN...means i want to see my LAN and IE is connected as soon as I turn on my computer. Thanks

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    rajunpl... I'm as confused as Tedob about what you mean about starting your LAN. Your LAN is going to be connected as soon as you start windows.... unless you need some authentication i.e. a password - in which case I wouldn't try to bypass this stage anyway. As for starting IE when windows starts - why not just put it in the start up folder instead of setting it off in a batch file??

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    I'm going to take zonewalkers suggestion one step farther... Put both a link to explorer and a link to Network Neighborhood in the sartup folder... this should do what you need, and it's far simpler than trying to write a script...

    Have fun...
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    Thanks guys, Sorry about the question, LAN is always connected , Only I wanted to know is how to open my LAN browser, Idid it there are many ways before writing script, like...even task schedular work pretty fine

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    batch is pretty cool i think theres a tutorial some were one here you could also do a search
    on google for batch commands i give you a example of a easy batch

    @echo off ( if you turn it on it looks like some on just typed it in looks better off)
    time ( that lets you change the computers clock and view the curnet time)

    and thats it!

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