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Thread: Question about college coarses and colleges

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    Question about college coarses and colleges

    Hi. Back again.
    This time, I have a question about colleges and certain courses. Has anyone heard about Tennessee Tech. here in TN? Well, it is only one of the best engineering colleges in the US, but I was wanting to know if it is a good idea to go there for my career, and whether my intended choices for minor and major would be a good idea. Here goes...

    I am going to be a Senior in high school this coming year, so I am preparing for college. I plan on majoring in Computer Science, and minoring in like, Criminal Justice or something like that (my mind is drawing a blank on what it is really called, if not Criminal Justice, something to do with the law anyways). Anyways, my question to you guys is, if I were to be like, a hacker that stops crackers for something like the FBI, would it be a good idea to major in the law aspect, and minor in the computer science, or the other way around? My mother has said for me to major in the law, because she has a friend of a friend that has done the same thing. She also says that I would get the best parts of the Computer Science course if I just minored in it, and that I am smart enough or whatever that I wouldn't need the major, also because the major wouldn't help much considering the security side of the Blue Nowhere is always changing. What are your thoughts on this?
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    I feel that if you wish to get into the hacker activites you need to immerse yourself in technology. Being a hacker is about understanding computers in and out, every little piece of the puzzle, desiring to know everything, and understanding that there is always more to learn, if you feel that having a passion for computers and technology is for you then proceed, but if you just kinda want to learn IT then i suggest moving to another choice than security.
    Also: A great tool for college students is where you can pick out your classes based upon reviews of students who are in the class or have taken the class. TONS of schools are on this site
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    RE: Computer Science
    CS is a good idea....Complex math is even better. I know very few people whos career
    was molded by what major and minor(s) were declared. They are foundational at best...
    The elective class choices are just as important. Be sure to challenge yourself...

    Career advice is tough to give unless you better define your goals. Both short term and long.

    Most government centric positions offer great opportunity with low pay scales. The private sector is better IMHO.

    Of course, your goals should be dynamic but try to get more specific.

    The infosec industry offers thousands of possible career choices. The best time to try to narrow down what trips your trigger in specific detail is now...


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    To be an FBI Special Agent focusing on computers, they require some sort of tech degree.


    To qualify under the CS/IT Special Entry Program, the applicant must have a computer or information technology related degree, a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification, or a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification.
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    First and foremost is that you will have to earn enough to live on. Then if you have a family in the future, you will need to earn more than originally, to support them. Now how you accomplish that is in your court, however, do something that you enjoy and that others will pay you to do. If that is in CS, a lawyer, or whatever.

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