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Thread: Internet Connection Gateway

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    Internet Connection Gateway

    We have a Home-based wireless network. There are 2 computers connected to it. When both computers are online, a new connection in the "Network Connections" box appears. It is called "Internet Gateway". We have not installed this manually onto any of our computers. We have a NETGEAR wireless router and both of the cards are D-Link. If we disable the Internet Gateway, we cannot access the internet. If it is disabled on one computer, it becomes disabled on the other, if it is enabled on both computers, the internet works, and if one computer is off, the Internet works. This has not appeared until today, and we have had this network for several weeks.

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    It is your router. It is what actually connects you to the internet. Both of your computers connect to it, then to the internet, and it shows up in your inter net connections as the gateway.

    If you click on this, it will show you the number of packets that have passed thru it and the time it has been up.
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    The only time I've ever gotten that, was when i set up ICS on two computers, not a router.

    on the three sites I work at that use routers, we don't have anything like that. Of course the router just assigns everything, and the computers grab the IP's from that.

    Did you run a disk that came with the router or did you set up it your self?

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    This Internet connection gateway ALWAYS happens on my father's wireless network... I would assume its normal for wireless routers.

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