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Thread: IE Large Font Problem

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    IE Large Font Problem

    My IE just started doing this today... the font sizes on EVERY web page are huge. I've tried going through the options and browsing the registry and I just can't figure out how to lower the font. Sorry to waste anyone's time with such a small question but it's really important to me... it's driving me crazy.. Thank You!

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    go to View-> Text size and choose "Medium" for normal font sizes....

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    OMG thank you so much! I was digging through the registry and everything I can't believe it was that simple.

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    Interestingly,I've noticed IE on a few computers do the font resizing randomly,or so it seems..HijackThis,adaware,Spybotand CWshredder scans turned up nothing..the problem seems to fix itself after sometime too..any ideas?
    And MemorY,good to see you posting out of GCC:P

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    Hi Guys,

    This is the second one in as many days. The other guy had the problem going the other way though, it made the font smaller.

    I have discounted a hijack, as there is no attempt to change the startpage.

    One of the reasons could be that your start page uses that font size, even though your user profile has a different setting? I always start IE with a blank page. I have a separate icon to go to my ISPs site.

    I suspect that some websites may change the settings as well? .....That would explain the problem apparently correcting itself.


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    Accidental movement on the mouse wheel (top) + a button can resize the font in IE by mistake.

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