I have posted various questions regarding this same project (none double up but all were related to this problem) I am developing a network just for people to browse the internet. I would like to be able to control a few different things:

1. Web Priviledges - However I would like to give administrators and the CEO full reign of the web.
2. Email - I would like to be able to monitor the email so that we don't get junk mail and so forth. ( am not sure if this is possible)
3. I would like to be able to update all the computers at the same time with new software and licensing information.
4. I would like to be able to control pop-ups and virus attacks.

So here is my hardware I have to run this small network.

1 - FB1000 Firewall
1 - Router (I have a linksys and a adtran I will most likely going with adtran)
1 - 24 port switch
1 - Home Built Computer Running Mandrake 10
1 - Dell Comp running Windows 2003 server

Attatched is an idea I have however I would like to hear from all you guys and learn from your experiences.

I would like to know the best uses of what I have and what software would be the best to do what I need to do.