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Thread: Best Security Websites

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    Post Best Security Websites

    I thought it would be beneficial for our AO newbies if we talked about what our favorite security websites are beyond AO, plus I'm just curious myself. What do you think are the best places to go for resources and learning?

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    5 is awesome has links to heaps of great sites and is a good site itself < -- nmaps creator's site <-- commercial products

    i reckon securityfocus is the best .. not only does it have articles on everything security but it also has a heap of mailing lists .. including bugtraq

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    One of my favorite sites, has tons upon tons of freeware/shareware security tools as well as a horde of non-security-related goodies:

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    mm.. i like cliche threads, very easy to answer =)

    im not big on read security news unless its some big issue thats mentioned on cnn or some other news website which i normally find under thier tech sections.... but i do normally check and for news =) <---- maker of norton line of products, has to update to info on virii and etc <----- maker of greatest OS ever ( ), has news on latest security things

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    Let's not forget Jupiter Media's Enterprise IT Planet

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    My favorite security testing site by far has to be
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    Let's not forget Jupiter Media's Enterprise IT Planet
    <COUGH> Company man......

    It can be horrendously "noisy" but the discussions can be fun to watch..... The information is "bleeding edge" and usually pretty accurate.

    Subscribe to Bugtraq and pick your region(s) of interest.....


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    5 is one of my fav's aswell that i forgot earlier. its got news, howto's an area for new guys etc

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    Here is one that I learned about on this site about a year ago: Foundstone.

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