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Thread: Best Security Websites

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    ^^ That's one Negative introduced me too. Very good website that does some in-depth reviewing of various different AV products.

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    As far as security white papers go with sans, you may also want to check out

    A good number of papers end up on there from people doing their certification that do not make it to the main sans reading room.
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    Not really security sites, but helpful sites:
    Startup List
    Tasklist Programs
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    Never knew that a virus trading site was considered a security site

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    The 29a site has some very interesting stuff i dowloaded their "newsletter" a whiles back and it has some very interesting ideas and stuff , as well as some very naughty source and tools.

    "They don't like outsiders roaming around their territory, especially security nuts like ourselves. Enter with caution."

    If they didn't want people to read their stuff it would be a private site and not indexed by google. If you are on win and dumb enough to execute some of the binarys on your computer you deserve what you get As it is pretty apparant/explained what they do.

    Pretty gutsy posting 29a the holier than thous are bound to whine and cry
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    Pretty gutsy posting 29a the holier than thous are bound to whine and cry
    Whine about what? The site has immense amounts of information and code that could be helpful. The people that are crying are ignorant, uptight *******s, nothing I can do about that.


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    Site and are two favorites. The first is good for getting a picture of INternet traffic and breaking threats, the second is good for research.

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    If you can ignore his boredom-induced flaming, PM does a have a point. Those kinda websites do provide a means of watching the newest trends emerge. And lumpy, I was referring to hacker sites in general, but you're right, if you are naive enough to walk in there that way you are asking for it.

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