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Thread: Best Security Websites

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    From 6 pages to 3... Peace-making the Negative-way

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    From 6 pages to 3... Peace-making the Negative-way
    Lol, it looked a bit different.


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    Originally posted here by Negative
    From 6 pages to 3... Peace-making the Negative-way
    It's 4 buddy.

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    It was 3 when I posted... I didn't count my post, since it wasn't part of the original thread.
    I knew someone was going to say something, though

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    Originally posted here by Negative
    It was 3 when I posted... I didn't count my post, since it wasn't part of the original thread.
    I knew someone was going to say something, though
    Liar! You would've posted it before I said it.

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    Yaaaaay, all better! So, back to business, shall we?

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    Underground News
    Underground News is one of the few security sites which does not restrict or censor news or information

    Hackwire offers daily up-to-date news delivered from the underground.

    Computer Security Now
    CSN is geared towards those that don't want to spend a great deal of time getting up to speed on security issues, but do want to understand how to better secure their systems and networks. CSN provides inhouse written articles, reviews of products, and links to popular run of the mill security news and tools. is information security web site, providing security information to the community. Includes Tools, Links, News, Advisories and online remote security lab.

    Start Plaza
    A large compilation of security links including Security News sites, Security Advisory sites, Security Scanners, Programming sites, Anti-virus, Phreaking sites, E-Zine sites, and more. All sites are rated for quality.
    Windows security site which provides Windows security news, articles, tutorials, software listings and reviews for information security professionals covering topics such as firewalls, viruses, intrusion detection and other security topics.

    eBCVG Network Security
    eBCVG is a security portal dedicated to providing security professionals with the knowledge and resources to help protect all of their data. They provide daily updated news, information on the latest viruses, security articles and more.

    Hideaway.Net is an Internet security portal that covers the latest developments in PC & server security, virus protection, and privacy on-line. There is content on the site for users of all levels, from system administrators to home users.
    At you will find information related to all networking topics. There is networking forum, a wide range of software and an online test center to help you test your knowledge.

    TESO is an international group motivated computer security programmers. With over a dozen members specialized in the network security field they research and develop new vulnerabilities and exploitation tools that are useful to a wide range of security enthusiasts.

    Help Net Security
    Help Net Security has been online since 1998. Initially conceived as a download archive, the site has grown into a daily updated security related news site with lots of additional content.

    The Hackers Choice
    Founded in 1994, the Hacker's Choice (THC) is a group of security engineers that through the years have released several papers and applications covering telecommunication, credit card, Unix and NT security.

    w00w00 security
    w00w00 (WSD), with 30+ active members, is currently the largest non-profit security team in the world. They have members on three continents, and in eight countries including Australia, Canada, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the United States."

    Fringe of the Web
    Started in 1994 as a ring of only the best 'fringe' underground and computer security sites. Users vote on sites, bringing the quality sites to the top and slowly eliminating the lacking sites.

    Security Tracker is a site devoted to tracking security vulnerabilities, and nothing else.

    Dutch Security Information Network
    An international Dutch view upon the networking and security world. provides its visitors with information, files, tools, news items, columns, opinions and an editorial view upon the genre in general.

    Neohapsis Ports List
    Updated often, it's the most comprehensive listing of default TCP/UDP ports around.

    Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology is a multiple project, multiple investigator laboratory in computer security research and functions with close ties to researchers and engineers in major companies and government agencies.

    Synnergy Networks
    Synnergy Laboratories is comprised of a team of computer and network specialists from around the world. Using our combined efforts we help bring you the most current security issues which concern you and your business.

    Underground Security Systems Research
    USSR has many homegrown exploits and advisories, encryption resources, and much more.

    sub Zone-H
    Zone-H is a large computer crime archive and resource for security news, advisories, and tools for IT professionals. also offers a wide variety of files, links, and data in relation to accessing phone systems.

    Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
    CCIPS focuses exclusively on the issues raised by computer and intellectual property crime. They advise federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents; comment upon and propose legislation; coordinate international efforts to combat computer crime; litigate cases; and train all law enforcement groups.

    Computer Incident Advisory Capability
    CIAC provides on-call technical assistance and information to U.S. Department of Energy sites faced with computer security incidents. This central incident handling capability is one component of all encompassing service provided to the DOE community.

    Computer Security Resource *************
    CSRC is designed to collect and disseminate computer security information and resources to help users, systems administrators, managers, and security professionals better protect their data and systems.

    The Smoking Gun
    The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. They feature material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide.

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    A site dedicated to helping folks with their SSCP and CISSP. If you go to the download section it has a wealth of information concerning the most basic aspect of network/computer security to the very specific. Lots of PDF's, which I like.

    It also has a quiz engine, I like to test myself even though I'm not ready for the CISSP yet.

    The Register

    Yeah I know, a Brit site =P but they update alot, and have news that is not found on your normal security sites. Where else are you going to find out about corporate take-overs and such. Good to have a site that gives you the big picture.

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