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Thread: Rpc?

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    What is RPC? Why does it shutdown a system? And is there a way to block it from shuting you down?

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    do you mean remote procedure calls using XML or something else ?
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    "Attention: Are you looking for info about the cause of "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)", initiated by NT Authority\System error message that shuts down Windows (you might also see svchost.exe error occasionally)?"

    that is the heading on that page from above .. it may be what you are looking for

    do a quick search on google for "RPC shutting down windows" comes up with heaps of ****

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    To keep RPC from shutting down Windows:
    Start---->Control Panel---->Administrative tool---->Services---->RPC (there are 2 services with the RPC label, DO NOT CHOOSE THE LOCATOR SERVICE!!!). Highlight RPC and right click, choose properties from the menu. Select the recovery tab in the properties window, and for first, second and subsequent failures have your system restart the service (restart the system is selected by default).

    Hope this helped!
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    Hey if you are getting a RPC message..and your Computer might be infacted by Blaster worm....If you Facing this Restart about Blaster here . Then down load this and run...

    if you looking for RPC in general..then google it you will find plenty of information there.....

    You can also Find Some Useful Information about Vulnerabilities in Microsoft RPC Interface CERTŪ Advisory CA-2003-19

    --Good Luck--

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    Well buddy i got any easy and instant cure for that (also try allenb1963 and sword_fish ways)

    whenever your system trys to shut down by saying: "RPC error SYtem will shutdown in 30 seconds please save your settings and reboot"

    Just go to start---> run type shutdown -a

    It to had RPC error. I also have W32.### virus effected pc you better update ur anti virus and try a full scan for ur system

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