It is a dog eat dog world in todays internet advertising market. It is hard to stay on top of everything by yourself (especially if it is just a portion of your job). However, I feel with people helping you it can make a very difficult taks take less time and increase efficiency.

With that being said:
I just got off the phone with a guy from MSN (the search engine). MSN has a featured sites area when you search their site. However it is very difficult to get into that area because your site needs to be a credible and a good site for the keyword chosen.

First of all starting July 1, 2004 MSN will be changing the format of their page. They will be ridding themselves of their sponsored listings in the main window (they will keep the sponsored listing on the right hand side) and adding more "real" links.

Secondly their advertising is alot better than that of lets say overture. With MSN they will optimize all your keywords give you a flat Pay-Per-Click (PPC) fee and that is what you will be charged for the duration of your account. **The downside to this is they expect a $75,000 minimal annual spending.**

Why do I care:
I care because I received two calls from different advertising agencies trying to sign me up and spend an additional $5,000 with them for them to send MSN 100 keywords (but they won't tell you that). So I decided to embark on the mission myself whether our company will commit it yet to be seen but I thought I would let all of you know the changes that will be happening on the MSN site.