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Thread: Ban on members

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    Ban on members

    Hi ,

    While wrecklessly wandering over old threads, I saw a member banned ... but with a diffence...Normally banned people will have 3 reddies... But this member had all 11 greenies... still banned... How so ? Why so ? is the thread where antihaxor is banned.

    Just curious...


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    SOme were banned by JP because he didnt like them or they formaed AP alliances (giving Ap's out in a group of people), some were becoming just asses (like nOodle) negging everyone in the non-sensical thread....some just asked to be banned (GreekGoddess), other just simply violated the rules too many times.

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    I heard a lot of things about GreekGoddess, good and bad, but a lot none the less. Who was she?

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    She was a nice girl,
    crafty in graphics design..
    her "house" on YoursInCyberspace can tell you more about her .. ..
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    There were a lot of us that were banned for stupid AP stuff and some of use had little to no involvement. I mean all of my past accounts had max'd out greens. Look up Joey Batch File & Fakeboy.

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    I heard a lot of things about GreekGoddess, good and bad, but a lot none the less. Who was she?
    I will stand up for her! Haha, no GG was really cool she was brilliant with graphics and helped to keep the web development forum alive. She was very self-trained knowledgable on the subject. This is one of her sites This is a great site for web development. She has not been updating it (at least I don't think) because of some family problems. I haven't talked to her in a long while but she was very helpful in the web area and web security at least to my knowledge. She even took placing in AO queen (couldn't be MSMittens but was up there). Plus she was good looking!!!

    [edit] her is there picture i found it on her site... Told Ya [/edit]

    - Adiz
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    GG was good when it came to web development, but she constantly demanded attention. I think Gore summed this up rather well in this post:

    (bottom of that page, link to individual post doesn't seem to work properly)
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    That was well before my time...Looks like I miss out on all the fun!

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    just about all the old "heavy-hitters" and such have fallen off the radar some how, with the disolution of AO-IRC and the JupM take-over and even before that, people were leaving and being replaced.....imo, this isn't the same AO any more, most of the people who made AO what it was have moved on.
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    cept me of course

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