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Thread: SOmebody help me???

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    Originally posted here by Juridian
    No worries jag, some day they'll drop for you and you'll get hair in funny places. Then no more need to surround your posts in with your <manly voice> tags.


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    This sounds like a really bad social engineering attempt -.-;

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    Back to the original post...

    Seeing as how you are so shady about giving us any name, and so willing to run arbitrary programs, can I write some for you to try? If your HD starts making funny noises and your monitor splashes blue, just ignore that's all part of the show...

    I\'m back.

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    IMO it sounds like he was on irc or something and decided to buy some script kiddie tools from some guy who claimed to program them, now when he tries to run the program its asking for a serial key and the guy wants more money for the keys, that chances are will be fake if you pay for them becasue he did not program the tools and does not have the keys. Or you have already installed a trojan on your system, perhaps both. My advice, cut your losses and do a virus check then delete the programs you bought.
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    Originally posted here by Juridian
    and you'll get hair in funny places.
    I could use hair in some places i have a lack of...

    for the thread starter: man, be more specific or die. Its hard to help on a "generic post".

    (no violence intended. thread starter was not harmed during this post production)
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    Hey Kid,

    Please give us more information so that we can work with you to help you.

    Were or whom did you purchase this software from?

    How did you download it?

    Does it have a name?

    What is the proggie used for?

    The reason we need this info is to 1. make sure you aren't trying to bullshit with us and get a free proggie and 2. so we can better help you and give direction on the right path of action.

    - Adiz
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    I blame

    people not providing enough relevant information for the spiral of what could be an informative thread into idle banter

    & you all thought I was gonna say canada


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    Hey. Canada owns. :P Oh yeah, and email me if ya ever want your site back. You jackass. ;-)

    As for the program... what are they called? What do they do? Where did you buy them? Why did you guy these programs? Do you know the person you gave them too? Did you give the person your credit card number? If yes, can I have it too?

    Also, I think you might be mistaken... this site won't help you "crack" tings such as programs.


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    To me it sounds like a false or non existant website. If it is at all possible get the money back. That is the best bet that i can think of at this point because i have never really had a problem in that area.

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    Nice one Juridian, I could also sounds like a wierd case of the golden handcuffs. But, it who in there right mind would buy and download software that doesnt have a home site? The closesest i would get to doing that would be downloading freeware but then its riddled with spyware.

    In my time on AO i believe cracking is good, if in the right context. If you wanted to know how it worked and why, so you can impliment it, fine. But wanting to get people to do the cracking for you, not kool.

    My 2 cents

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