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Thread: win2000 rebootin when it wants

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    win2000 rebootin when it wants

    Ok bit of a prob with 2 machines in work

    we're trying to salvage some parts from old machines to get a couple more stations set up but we have 2 which refuse to co-operate.

    Now on both machines have already checked HD's and all cables but to no avail

    issue on PC 1 : did clean format and install of win2000 - machine reboots at random pattern to reboot - not a virus infection as is not linked to net and has just had a full format and clean install of operating system.

    I'm thinking power supply but i dont want to start going through hassle of yanking it for testing unless can rule out other easier options first

    Second PC : much the same but we can't even get to finish the win2000 setup - PC formatted fine now it keeps rebooting before the win2000 install can finish.

    Anyone got any ideas? or is it time to start yanking power supplies?


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    Bah... Legagy Hardware is always painful! CPU Too Hot? PowerSupply? Motherboard?

    Can you bootable Linux CD on those machine?
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    no I havn't as of yet - but am thinking is def hardware as 1 PC is rebooting without even having operating system installed.

    We get part way through installation of win2000 and it just dies - not a prob with installation CD as works on other machines


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