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Thread: A Question About LAN

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    A Question About LAN

    i have a problem on Connecting my Computer to LAN
    but The cable will be more than 200 Meter !
    so what shall i do.. !
    i wanna ask if i put a HUB Or a Switch in the END of Cable will it probe the Full Connection !!!!!

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    except that it changed, ethernet standard states that maximum cable lenght (UTP) is 100 meters. what about a wireless connection?
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    Well, your best bet at that distance is fiber, or even point to point wireless (/shudder). If, however, you can't do that, a hub or a switch in the middle of that cable will amplify the signal strength to a point where it will likely be usable. Even if it isn't EIA/TIA BCSI standard, it should work.

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    Well, UTP cables are not reliable for cabling over vast distances becuase these kind of cabling is more prone to attenuation,,, The longer the cable is, the more the signals lose its strength,,, As it is proposed above,,, a wireless connection is reliable in such a situation, but I do prefer to set up an amplifier, it is the most feasible solution, I think.

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