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  • A new layout - I can't read it!

    1 25.00%
  • Tutorials - I want more tutorials on how to use tools like Kismet or Nessus

    1 25.00%
  • Files - I want more scanners, tools and stuff to download

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  • I like it the way it is.. just add some new stuff once a week and I'll come back

    2 50.00%
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Thread: Should I be banned?

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    Should I be banned?

    Should I be banned? Enter your opinion in the poll.


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    I love you too much for you to be banned!!! If you get banned I demand that I'm banned as well!!! =P

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    AntiOnline n00b
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    Feb 2004
    Hi PM8228

    I think there is just one person who's openion counts here....... and that person has already voted ..Check out the poll.....and his/Her ID is PM8228 ..........Listen to the Guy only and none else

    --Good Luck--

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    Yes you should be banned for stealing my sig!!!!!!!

    thats mine has been mine for ages - everyone knows that its mine and your just a thief - so =P


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    I voted yes, but im just kidding, why do you think you should be banned? How did this question come to your mind, so what if you're a senior with 2 green dots, thats what im gonna be now, Senior with a gray dot...

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