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    linux help

    what is the most/best secure linux. i heard that redhat is the best linux and only experts can use it.

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    I think after your post **** AO, you're trying to start bullshit threads ! Get Banned ! I wish i didnt get banned and was a senior now ! Oh i miss my Negative AP Assigments impact.

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    Yeh, I remember that you could dish out like 50+ AP's with that old account. Suck's you were banned though, shouldn't have done what yah did. Now ya can't neg people with force !!
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    hell i used to be able to dish 50 ap's until they put that stupid restriction on my precious power.

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    as for your question, i think redhat is easier to use then mandrake, and mandrake is supposed to be the easiest one for windows users, but like i said, i've started with mandrake, and switched over to redhat asap, because i think this distro is way easier/better.

    at the moment i'm not running redhat anymore, but slackware 9.1 and Fedora Core2, but this is just me...

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