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Thread: DHCP server scope

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    DHCP server scope

    Is there a way to enumerate the dhcp scope remotely ? or better way to get all the ips/computernames on a local server w2k/3 (batch vbs exe)?

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    Here ya go.. You should bookmark this reference page as it has all of the resource kit and built in OS CLI commands with all of their syntax.

    Using DHCP commands in scripts-

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    The only way to get the information you are looking for is to access the dhcp database found in %systemroot%\system32\dhcp.

    As for enumerating the scope and the leases good luck, it could take days for you to have the information if you were able to sniff the entire network. It will then take you weeks to determie which IP are reserved etc.
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    Thanx mohaughn thats a good place to start

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