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Thread: Harrassing Trojan

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    Harrassing Trojan

    I also use eTrust EZ AV and am quite satisfied with it - though I have my doubts about eTrust EZ Firewall. It persistantly lets past an exploit trojan. Please refer to my new thread about that..............
    This is my new thread about that up there........

    I have been hounded by some sort of exploit trojan and my AV (eTrust) will suddenly tell me its there but I have to do a scan to have it deleted - and it always comes back.

    Why, if it can be detected without a scan can it not delete it too?

    And how do I stop it from persisting? And why is it getting past my firewall(eTrust EZ)?

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    Just becasue an AV detects a virus does not mean it has the ability to remove it, not yet anyway. Especially if it is designed well and the executables name is still unknown. your av may see the program itself then deletes it, but as son as it is gone the original program re creates it and now you are infected again.

    And why is it getting past my firewall(eTrust EZ)?
    just becasue you have a firewall does not mean your computer is completely secure. Be sure you have it configured correctly, and actually have it active. Alot of people I have dealt with complian about virusis and how they have a firewall and should be safe, but when i got to fix the box the firewal is not activated, usually becasue it kept giving warnings and it got annoying to the user (good logic? turn off the proram for doing it's job).
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    There could be various reasons why your computer still can be infected but lets look at the most obvious.

    You firewall obviously let it in at one point or maybe it was there before the firewall. Either way it is on your machine. Have you tried to google the name and see how to delete it. Because sometime AV proggies will not totally delete the file from your reg and then it will come back on a reboot or on access a certain something. I would google the trojan name and see what you get.

    You should look into how you Firewall is configured you may need to reconfigure if it is letting this trogan in. Or it is on your trusted list I would double check the sites you allow (you gotta be careful with porn sites....I know I know its fun but be careful).

    By the way what is the name of the Trojan

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    Most viruses or trojan's get deleted by an A/V scanner or whatever or the file itself will get deleted, but as part of the program, it leave's a copy of itself in the registry file. I know of a particular one called "AOHell" that was a virus and even after you deleted it, after restart/reboot or shutdown it would come back because it had a file in the registry that did that. Search for removal instructions on symantec or something, as they'll give you step by step on how to fully get rid of it.
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    Firewalls don't block incoming trojans and viruses. If they are configured properly, they will stop one from phoning home.
    Users get trojans and virus, by clicking on a link or downloading a program, or openning an email attachment.
    Firewalls will block intrusion attempts, and other objectionable probes from the internet, which can be used to exploit your computer, but the garden variety torjan/virus is a user problem, not a firewall one.
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