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Thread: How to fry an egg on an Athlon XP

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    How to fry an egg on an Athlon XP

    Some peoples got too much time on their hand!

    Source :
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    hmmm... interestingly though I don't think his heat sink is entirely copper - some of those coins look suspicously shiny... likely that they are merely copper plated steel - we've been using them in the UK since 1992 (not many people know that our copper coins ain't copper). For those interested (and I hope there aren't many of you ), some links....

    me thinks his egg would cook better if he actually used 100% copper - <god how sad am I?>

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    I'll bet that was tasty after waiting for it 11 minutes!

    But bacon in the next test? Sheesh, thats asking for trouble!

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    For some odd reason me don't think that's what Computers were made for?

    Damn it's amazing some of the things that you can do with a Computer.. I've seen some insane ideas and projects over the years, but this one defiantly takes the Prize..


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    thats insane...**** i wouldnt even risk it...he has 720 gigs and ****, nothing would happen to the HD im sure but what about all the other stuff...that was interesting

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    Somebody needs to do that with a Prescott -- a real cooker

    Anyways, onto AMD's Prescott Survival Kit:

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