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Thread: PM / Conference Room Bug?

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    PM / Conference Room Bug?

    Hey Mnstrgrl-

    I was tired of copying and pasting the room key to get into a conference room, so I sent myself an invite. When I opened it, all the sender info was messed up. Please see attached.



    P.S. I left the key out, because I think the intent was to keep the confrence room open to addicts and seniors only.
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    I think thats beacuse not "you" directly send the key, but send a request to the "Webmaster" and the webmaster send you the key titled with the message" Your room key sent by 11001001". And the user info is from Webmaster, it is kinda weird that "it" registered 1969 ? lol, maybe JP had some fun:-p

    Also mnstrgrl, since we're on the conference room, would it be hard to make the conference room in pages and not just in one huge page, because it takes a long time to load the whole page and scroll all the way down, maybe a new page every 10 posts ?


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    I agree with NemorY's suggesttion it does tend to take a little longer to load up, so if it isn't to hard maybe add it so after ten comments are made it automatically makes a new page, just like the regular forums do ..


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    I'm not sure what happened... everything seems to be in order on the back end. I'll dig a little deeper.

    BTW, the date of dec 31 1969 implies a blank date ... if timestamps are measure seconds since 12:00, Jan 1 1970, then the 1969 date would be the equivalent of 0 seconds before that time

    This implies that there was no sender info pulled in for display.

    Anyway, I'll look around a bit more in the conference room code and see what I can uncover.

    - h
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