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Thread: Anti Servalence 2

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    Anti Servalence 2

    Ok, all I want to know now, is why did I get so many negitive points on my thread?

    I want to know becuse I really dont want to be banned from this site.... But I dont understand.... why was I punished for asking how to find/diable listing devices? I mean even if my story is unbeliveable how would I use this illigaly?

    Ok would it have been better if I just say:
    How do you diable/find listing devices if you dont know what type or where they are?

    Please dont give me negitive points and make this thred close, I just want to know why not to ask that.... Im confused....

    As always Thank you for your time.

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    Well it seems to me that you have three choices:

    1. Buy a scanning tool
    2. Search very thoroughly
    3. Only talk in the bathroom with the taps running and the toilet flushing

    If what you say is correct then the person responsible will probably not have the funds or knowledge for anything sophisticated, so relatively unsophisticated stuff should catch it.

    You need to be making a noise when you are scanning as some of these devices are voice activated.

    Also look for holes in the walls, as I don't think that a cheap scanner will be much good against a passive hard wired device.

    That's about all I can suggest.

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    Thank you for your help, I dont need to know this anymore though, were moveing, so yea. I just want to know why they gave me negitive points.

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    because you're a troll....none of your stories add up? Does that answer your question?

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    Ummmm.... whats a troll? And I dont see how my story doesn't add up.... of couse I didn't give you the whole story but it still doesn't not add up, but if you check back on the end I did explain more, and also even if the story is fake why would I get negitive points.... I still see nothing wrong with the qustion.

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    1 Mabey it would have worked better if you left the reason out and just asked the question
    2 if you were able to pick up on someone cunducting survalince either:
    A. Their sloppy because their not a pro there for not a real cause of concern but more of an
    opertunity to have some fun. OR
    B. They are a profesionals and and they already have what they need so they can slack because
    its too late anyway.
    I've actually witnessed b.
    (joke) remeber a baseball style tinfoil hat does not work with the blue green lasers "they" use to film you though the walls. It has to be a tophat style. The cylinder shape refracts the lasers causeing interference. Ever see anyone wearing a tinfoil top hat?(/joke)

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    When you assign anti-points, you click either "I approve" or "I disapprove".

    People disapproved of your post, which they are completely entitled to do.

    Simple as that. I don't think it needs an extensive legal defense.

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