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Thread: need to overide network administrtor .....

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    I have found that the easiest way to get a strict admin to ease up is to call him for everylittle thing that you can. Make him hate his own policiesinstead of trying to get around them. he will eventually get so fed up with having to run around to everyone that he will ase up on the policy then you win without gettting in trouble.
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    Admin will NOT respond to a verbal request. So, you apply via a mail. Admin store the mail.
    You keep on mailing, they keep on storing.
    At any meeting in the future, YOUR feet will not touch, you will not be allowed back to your desk, and you will be escorted from the premises.....................

    Moral: Don't p1$$ of the Admin unless you have a VERY strong case, or, are wearing extremely robust and flameproof undies..........
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    No dont do things that are out of line. But in any situation that you can call him for help without looking like an ass do it. Dont try to go around him. just use him and use him and use him. Im assuming if a good number of people keep asking for him to come over to do a common task he will eventually realise that you guys can handle the task without him.
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    wow, I missed this one while I was at the beach. My jaw dropped by just reading the subject line and it dropped farther when I saw that the thread status was somewhat positive!
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    For anybody that has issues with their network admin, it should be clear in their heads why this dislike exists. Is it because the admin restricts certain things you would like to do, or is it because the admin restricts certain things you have to do for your job? I guess with every admin in a new company there is a short accomodation period where they will make everything-IT very hard and gradually ease up as they see how the company works. But don't be a bitch and try to get the admin in trouble just because you can't get MSN to download if it's only use is to speak to friends [yeah, you could use MSN for the job, I know]. Chances are, you're going to be the one in trouble, and t=nothing would happen to the sys admin.. and.. you don't want the sys admin to be your enemy:

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    it wasn't clearly explained just what this admin is doing that seems so bad to so many in this thread.
    Are the files you are trying to download have anything to do whatsoever with your actual work?
    Is the printer you can't print to the one you are actually supposed to be using?

    MSN? seems to me that is not a necessary business application....most businesses I am familiar with use email almost exclusively for communcication with clients, vendors and co-workers...

    What this sounds like to me is someone who has gotten used to being allowed to do anything by the previous admin, and is now bristling under the new admins more secure policies.

    if this is the case, deal with is perfectly acceptable for you to be highly restricted in what you can and can not do in a business environment.

    When it comes to network security, the admin is ALWAYS right.

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