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Thread: Bumped up threads

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    Bumped up threads

    Just wondering, wasn't there an option to see "who bumped this thread" on a bumped up thread? Just that someone bumped a thread of mine, and was wondering could they be playing funny buggers or something.

    This thread was bumped at Today 03:14 PM

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    are you sure no one just posted recently?

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    Skiddies do that sort of thing to be annoying, and several times I suspect a new member has clicked on the button "just to see what it does"

    I would say that er0k has the answer. If no-one has added to the post since it was bumped up, it is one of the two above. I really don't see how it could be done by accident, as the button is well out of the way of anything else.


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    If you see that a thread has been bumped, go back to the thread list for the forum and look at who's listed as the last poster. That'll be the person who bumped it.

    There's no way to provide a list of all the people who've bumped a thread -- we don't retain that data.

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    and several times I suspect a new member has clicked on the button "just to see what it does"
    :| Guilty as charged

    I did that to my own thread right after I posted one time to see what it did, no one seemed to notice since it got bumped a whole minute after it was posted.
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