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Thread: Why is my Windows Explorer always trying to access the Internet?

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    Why is my Windows Explorer always trying to access the Internet?

    I have the Computer Associate firewall, every so often, Windows Explorer would try to access the Internet. I've no idea why this program needs to do so. Am I being targeted by intruders?

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    I get the same thing, so I doubt it. And if it was intruders, they wouldn't be targeting at that point, they would have already owned you.
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    Have you scanned for viruses?

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    If you're using XP, Windows is trying to phone home to Bill. Do a Google search for XP Anti-spy, install it, run it, problem solved.
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    what do you mean that xp is trying to phone home to bill!? like the comp sends a message to his email saying that someone has just purchased and is now using windows xp? lol i dunno can you explain?

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    MS kit just likes to stay in touch. When online, it will call home and chat with its family, arrange BBQ and such like.

    They SAY that 'No personally identifying info' is sent. So: Thats all right then........
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    Or that can be masked spyware. Use Ad-aware to get rid of them. And try looking at your firewall log to determine what really wanted to access the internet.
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    1st, update ur AV and scan ur pc.
    2nd, use ad-aware or any other spyware detector..
    if still happen that way,
    maybe ur pc is set up for automatic windows update, where it will connect and retrieve updates from microsoft sites.

    My suggestion is for u to use firefox mozilla as IE for internet surfing still has alot of vulnerability. The windows explorer problem might came from IE.

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    Does this happen when you boot up and Windows Explorer is trying to access an address something like

    What operating system are you running? Windows98 or Millennium Edition?

    This machine does that, but I don't think it is anything to worry about with Win98/ME.

    Please confirm what OS you are using, and I will try to find the article.

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    i got the same isue....reviewed a fresh instalation of w2000 and xp....and is spyware from can check the port it uses and close them form your firewall...i't something related to the "client experience..." you know...garbage from just send udp poackages to addresses taht are owned to micros...and have nothig inportant on it...just info about general a violation to privacy...don't you think?¿!
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