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Thread: Bink video

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    Bink video

    Bink Video allows you to compile a video as an exe

    does anyone know of a way of decompiling these as avi or similar format?



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    um... v_Ln...never used bink myself... but the FAQ says

    How can I convert an EXE compiled Bink or Smacker file to an AVI file? Just highlight the EXE file and hit the convert button.
    or were you thinking of something more complicated?

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    Another way that *should* work would be to use something like resource hacker and extract the avi from the file. Or even just fire it up in a hex editor and look for the beginning and end of the avi file.

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    Nah, don't go the hard way as cgkanchi suggested. Download RAD Video Tools from and use the convert function as Zonewalker stated.

    I used it to make simple AVI slideshow from a series of JPGs and convert MOV to AVI.

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