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Thread: Windows can see my linux computer ?????

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    Question Windows can see my linux computer ?????

    What i want to do here is have my windows Xp to get some files off of my linux box. The files i want to get are in a diffent parttion . thats data is in 80GB harddrive on my linux computer. I parttion my 80GB parttion in 2 (40GB,40GB).Now my red hat 9.0 linux is on one side and my windows date is on the other side.I had like (music and apps). So How i want to do is some how get my date off of my linux box and some how look on my windows computer and play the files off of linux computer from my windows computer. I have i set up that i have my windows box bridge my internet to my linux box so i can have internet on my linux box. how i have tha set up is i have a network card and a wireless nework card. My network card is bridgeing my internet to my linux box . so i there any way i can get my data of that hard drive ?
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    Make sure you have Samba installed and configured, here is a slightly dated howto:

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    how get my date off of my linux box
    do you want to get your DATA or your DATE off the linux box.. for the former troll these sites
    pretty much as Irongeek has posted
    but as for the later.. ???

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    To get your date off your linux box, try a candle light dinner and a bottle of wine. If that doesn't work.....MARRY HER!!!! Good geeky chicks can be hard to find.

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