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Thread: UPDATE: password generator update, get it here

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    UPDATE: password generator update, get it here

    hi guys,

    here's the UPDATED version of my password generator written in C.

    and so i'll ask again, if you like the tool, please put it on your site or so, since i don't have a site yet, so it is difficult for me to distribute it

    see the attachment for the tool.



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    Hey lepricaun, I'll stick it up on my site if I remember to do it since some of my members aren't too computer literate.

    Nice and easy too use, well done

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    thanks a lot, i'm glad you like it , i've posted an altered version (again), in another thread, it is made especially for scripting, has no output but the password when used correct, and works on both windows and linux.

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    Well done! I see you took my suggestion This makes it much easier to use.
    Nifty little tool.

    Good stuff!
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    thanks, that's nice to hear

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