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Thread: Tutorial Requests

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    Tutorial Requests

    I've had more than one person come to me and ask something down the lines of "I'm drawing a blank. Can you think of a good tutorial I could write?" Since I'm almost always in the middle of trying to figure something out, I can usually come up with at least one or two. I'm sure there's plenty others like me who have stuff they'd like to learn but have yet to see a tut on it.

    So, I'm starting this thread in GCC in hopes that it will provide a medium to a) help less knowledgable members request information and b) give a pool for people looking to write tutorials to choose from.

    So that said, there are two topics I'd like to see tutorials on. I don't know much about either of these myself:

    1) HTTP Tunneling.
    2) Methods of web security (example: HTTPS).

    So if you're looking to write a tut but can't think of anything, I'd suggest one of those two.

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    and those too:

    1) Hardening Windows security - talking about windows internal security - GPO, registry entries and maybe built in firewall. Personal/Server perspective
    2) How to strip/harden a Linux to make a very good combo : Firewall/Proxy/Squid/IDS - think about a Smoothwall home made. With public tools, no development

    for dummies, of course - im in audience
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    MMaybe some Newbie programming tutorials, considering breaking into coding is probably one of the harder things to do.

    Let me think, Spyware related tutorials since thats an interesting and 'hot' area at the moment.

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    AngelicKnight: Want to read a pretty good paper on http tunneling?
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    That's the article that gave me the idea! I want to know more though, particularly about what this header encapsulation is that the article talks about.

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    i think we need a forum for people to request tutorials... maybe like a sub-forum of each tutorial category, security and other.

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    Let me think, Spyware related tutorials since thats an interesting and 'hot' area at the moment.
    /me currently has two spyware-related tutorial's, with another one possibly on the way! Also, I might be working into a SSH/SSH Tunneling Broken Down type tutorial.
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    Hmm... i agree with er0k... I have personally seen a few posts on people asking what other AO members would like to read about... But This is a great way here to get a good idea of all wanted TUT's... Or maby asked for help written as a TUT...

    I personally would not mind seeing a TUT on...
    Restoreing your PC or Making backups and how to use/install them...
    Or maby a Tut on all the free programs that helps Windows be Secure, And run Better/faster
    And maby how to keep it cleaned up a little bit...
    Or like a 3 step secureity TUT/Maby easiest and fastest way to secure your PC...

    There is a few of my suggestions...
    Thx to all and great day... oops LOL Night here...

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    I dunno Er0k, consider a few points:

    1) A thread like this provides actual worthwhile content in GCC.
    2) Do we really need a whole forum? Since requests would mostly be one-line questions, we could just have everyone use this thread. A sticky perhaps? That way you'd have all tutorial suggestions all on one marvelous thread, so tutorial writers wouldn't have to look around anywhere, just browse back and forth in the thread.

    Ok, that wasn't a few...that was just two points. But you get my drift.

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    Sticky makes sense MsMittens grabs the glue gun and sticks the thread. Anyone can come here and see if any tutorials need to be done (compare it to the Tutorials Index that appears at the bottom of Negative's signature).

    A whole forum dedicated to it? At this point it's a bit much. I might move this to the General Technology Section however. Still contemplating that one..
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