We've added two new forums:

General Computer Discussions

Negative's Announcement
We have a lot of tech-related questions that end up in General Chit Chat because there is no "fitting" forum for them. No more
Anything tech-related goes here
And no more non-security topics in Newbie Security Questions!

Security-related topics still go in the Security section, Operating System questions still go in the Operating Systems forum, and Hardware questions still go in the Hardware section...

Also added: a General Programming section!


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General Programming Forum

My Announcement
I had been asking for this particular forum to help those that aren't yet ready to create their own code to show to others (and display it proudly in the Code Review Forum). And yet, not quite a programming security question. This is the place to ask questions like:

- why should I use this compiler?

- should I use perl or php to enhance my website?

- how do if-then statements work? how can I troubleshoot the logic of a program?

Please keep in mind that these forums were added to round out some existing forums. If you have questions about the forums themselves, please do not hesitate to ask.