[[for security related post please skip to end]]

ummmm k just wanted to say happy 22nd to me!!!

please dont see this as a 'oh look I got a year older please give me greenies' - so dont =P

but just wanted to say well ummmm happy b-day to me and everyone else here at AO

wither your birthday has past...is sometime in the future or like me is happening right now

be you you 30 or 13 - lets all remember one thing........well Ill tell you what i mean when i remember

but one thing you discover when you get older is the secrets to life - it is really alot simplier than you could imagine 42 (looking blankly go read hitchers guide to the galaxy! believe me you'll thank me)

and for all those who are looking down on these kind of posts i have combined it with a question i needed answered so read on for the question

ok need a good FTP server proggie - need suggestions

dont need anything fancy just starting new course and want to be able to access my comp to pick up work from uni - do not need a rat as i can simply drop files into ftp folder before leave in morning

also is there any tool which can reconnect a BT adsl connection should it drop incase it dies while at uni.....on a related note i need something that will announce my ip either by sending to a specified email etc on reconnect - any suggestions (was thinking about that servicxe is it no-domain....someone wanna help me out of they know what i mean??)