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Thread: stupid computer

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    Angry stupid computer

    My computer is getting crappier all the time. It has all sorts of problems with everything. Lately when I've been doing things on the internet I've noticed a few constant problems which seem to start on the net but can effect my comp as well. My computer will no longer recognize different texts. Everything I look at in writing will be in stupid old typewrite font. MSN screws up ALL the time. I'll be chatting away and suddenly the message window will have no more graphics and will turn completely white. I am no longer able to chat with anyone. This seems to happen most frequently when I'm using other programs such as kazaa or Xchat. Another problem is that I will sometimes not be able to use browse boxes. For example, tonight i went to download trillian. I clicked the download button and the box asking if i wanted to open the file or save it to my computer came up. I clicked on the Save button but nothing came up for me to specify a location. This also happens in general day to day use of my computer. I'm currently using Windows ME and am wondering if the overall crappiness of this OS might have anything to do with it. Also I'm wondering if there is a problem with my RAM. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    The problem lies with you stealing.

    You used kazaa incorrectly and illegally. You broke the law and now you have a computer problem.

    Life sucks.

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    How did you come to that conclusion? BTW thanks for the extremely relevant information.

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    While using kazaa might be a moral issue it is still completely legal (at least for music and in Canada) There was a big thing in the courts recently about the music industry trying to sue a whole bunch of people for sharing music (this included younger children) and the judge ruled that it was alright for people to do so.

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    Hrmm, he has a point though (a rather rash one it is ). Anyways, aside from that.. running Windows ME doesn't help your situation.
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    Did you try uninstalling kazaa and xchat and whatever new programs you have installed recently, rebooted and then see if the problem persists ?

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    Although I don't condone (sp) the use of Kazaa I will try and help you through this.

    Lets first look at the basics.

    Have you checked your computer for spyware?

    Have you checked your computers for viruses or trojans?
    Good free online scanner

    Have you ran a scandisk and defragded?

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    Don't forget DiskCleanup! There's nothing like getting rid of unwanted/needed space and files on your computer.
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    I can see that most people here don't agree with kazaa so i'll try not to mention it in the future. I have a good spyware program (Webroot Spysweeper) and I have Norton Antivirus 2003. I scanned my entire computer with both lately and nothing much turned up. The problems always go away after i reboot but they're always happening again at a later date.

    (Just out of curiosity Spyder, who had a good point. Me or The3ntropy?)

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    Is diskcleanup something that is on my comp or do i have to get it elsewhere?

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