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Thread: HTML and Perl Programming

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    HTML and Perl Programming

    I am quite familiar with HTML programming, but I'd like to learn some of the advanced stuff. Does anyone know any good HTML tuts or some good books, whether basic or advanced HTML.

    Also, I'd like to learn Perl, so could you please recommend some good tuts and/or bks for newbs?

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    The Llama bk from O'Reilly publishers ( now looks to be several books on CD.

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    For HTML, the best free resource you will find (IMO) is W3C Schools. It has everything from HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and other data trans. languages (XML, RDF, et. al).

    For Perl, there are a number of good book resources. Perl in a Nutshell and Practical Perl Programming are two of my favourites.
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    AFAIK, HTML is deprecated and you should probably look into xhtml and cascading style sheets. Client side scripting is so-so....I myself dodge it because compatability between browsers sucks.

    Oreilly has tons of perl resources, a quick google will lead you there. There is also if you are doing it for windows. LWP for perl is fun.
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    /me looks around like someone said boobie.

    Did someone say perl?

    Ok perl here we go. (Not sure if that one is net or com, it evades me.)

    As far as tutorials, I could qoute off a million and one the better thing is what do you want to do with perl? If you want to do only web programming. Then CGI programming with Perl, published by Orielly is the way to go.

    If you are into coding Applications and you want to start out, as said the Llama book is the way to go. The books actual name is, Learning Perl. Great book. It is published by Orielly.

    As for just picking up a couple basics to play around with, let me know. I will hook you up with somethings to do. I have more than enough Stuff on the top of my head to help you out with.

    I am going to say if you are going to learn perl, don't half ass it. Perl is an easy language to learn, but has a couple things that are shearly a pain in the ass.

    Let me know via PM if you need anything.

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    Thanks every1 for the help! I've looked at the reviews of the books and they look good, so I'm ordering a few. Thanks again!


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