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Thread: Low Bandwidth

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    Question Low Bandwidth

    I have a 64 kbps cable connection.But my download rate goes up to a maximum of

    only 7kb/sec.Why is this so low ??.Is there anway to increase the bandwidth ?? I don't think

    changing the MTU can do the trick because the speed's quite the same for the different OS's

    in my box

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    To the best of my knowledge, cable bandwidth is shared by all cable users on at the same time. Unfortunately that means that the other 50,000 cable modem users in your area are trying to stuff/suck data down the same pipe at the same time you are. This means enormously worse bandwidth to you. It's still infinitely faster than dialup, however.
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    Your cable - 64 kbps is about 8KB/s maximum.
    56k modem - 56 kbps is about 7KB/s maximum, although 56k generally connects at like 52k or lower.

    So...your cable speeds really aren't much different than dialup, unless you use 14.4kbps dialup in your area. In the USA, cable Internet speeds are usually from 192kbps to 768kbps and higher. If your service is limited to 64kbps, you aren't going to seeing the super fast download speeds that people in the USA see and brag about.

    And there isn't much you can do to make your Internet faster (unless you can change Internet providers to one that lets you have faster speeds), since it sounds like your ISP (Internet Service Provider) limits your speed to 64kbps.

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    Also please notice the difference in when talking about bandwidth.

    kb = kilobits
    KB = Kilybytes

    So 64 kbps = approximately 6-7KBps

    As far as increasing your bandwidth, theres not a lot you can do as your capped by your cable companies equipment and not your computer.

    average internet speed i teh U.S is about 1.5Mbps however there are some 5Mbps lines out there but real connection speed is about 3Mbps.

    I hear the asian countries have some pretty nice speeds @ 5Mbps and greater.

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    I have Comcast cable and it suppose to be 3Meg down load and approx 750 Kb up. But in reality, it is as cheyenne1212 has said about 1.5 Meg down and I am not sure what the upload is.

    I am going to a DSL connection soon, as they are now also 3Meg download and 1/2 the price of cable. (It will probably be an actual 1.5 also)
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    cheyenne1212 has the answer, there are 8 bits to a byte so 64/8 gives you a theoretical maximum of 8. If you are getting 7, that is around 87%, so you are doing quite well.

    Over here I can use a 56.6 modem which should give me 56.6/8 = 7. In reality I get around 3.2-3.7, which is only around 50% of the potential maximum.

    As mentioned, your provider is obviously capping your speed to reduce contention on the cable. I would guess that this is dependent on the contract that you have with them.

    I have also noticed differences of up to 10% depending on the make/type of modem down the same line, but that could be a local issue.

    Another point is that you will never get the full theoretical value. My 56.6 modem actually runs at 49, yet my friend who lives about 500yards away only gets 43, even using my modem .....OK that is copper wire telephone cables, not fibre optics, so I would expect greater local variations due to the age of the network.


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    Have you tried a speedtest?

    I am assuming you have tried downloading from different sources. (It could be just one thing you are trying to download that is slow)
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