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Thread: Internet Terrorist Attack...tomorrow??

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    Internet Terrorist Attack...tomorrow??

    Russian Computer Expert Predicts Internet Terrorist Attack

    Terrorists will paralyze the Internet on August 26, a Russian expert in antivirus programs said on Tuesday.

    Speaking at a conference hosted by Russian Information Agency Novosti, Aleksandr Gostev from Kaspersky Labs said information on this terrorist attack was published on special websites. He did not elaborate.

    First of all, the United States and Western Europe will suffer from the attack, Gostev was quoted by the agency as saying. The head of the labs, Yevgeny Kaspersky, reminded the audience that similar attacks had earlier paralyzed the Internet in South Korea. He added that it would be “impossible” to stop terrorist organizations if they “get down to business”.

    The executive director of Dr.Web antivirus lab, Mikhail Bychinsky, quoted by web agency said he had not heard of such an attack. “I do not believe in mass internet attacks because the main servers are defended, and Kaspersky Labs has been foretelling doomsday for a long time.”
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    If they convince all XP users to download the SP2 update on the same day, that could be a calamity. (It was a big damn download and install)
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    heh.. well even though I do like (and use) Kaspersky's AV.. I won't be holding my breath waiting for the attack.. I think I would offer 10 to 1 odds against it happening to any such extent that it "crippled" anything.

    however, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.. unless it's just boasting by hapless bragards in the first place.

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    Haven't we heard of this happening before? It sounds like a couple other similar attacks I've heard about in the past. Each time it came and went. Sometimes some systems were taken down, but I've never really seen any significant Internet slowdown except when Melissa and a few other viruses were released and brought traffic to a crawl. Though, firestarter may have a point now that Automatic Update has SP2 for Windows XP. I guess we'll wait and see. Either way, I'm not too worried. My office is protected (as well as can be in today's society) and the only "mission critical" apps I have on the Internet are our website and e-mail. Besides those, if the Internet goes down, won't really affect me too badly (though I won't be able to come on here often if the Internet's slow. ;-)


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    When I read something like this I always wonder if Aleksandr Gostev is planning his own internet attack. Maybe I'm just too cynical. I'd be truely amazed if it happens but if it does reading the root cause docs would be interesting,


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    Personally I would like to know how they go about making these predictions. It really makes me think of a weather report.
    "In tommorows forcast, theres an ICMP front massing in the north, and if you look here you can see a pattern of zombies pushing UDP and fragmentation into region. It seems to be orginating from a terrosist cell that is frantically pounding keys and screamming Die Infidels. Now back to Bob with the google group report."

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    Aug 26th eh? My birthday. The infamous 0 day Eversor virus . No, seriously. I'm hoping this is just another article in passing and nothing like Melissa as a AO member (avdven) pointed out. What a 22nd b-day gift that would make.
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    sounds to me like a ploy for people to buy kaspersky

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    OH no....Elvis and Bigfoot both live on the internet....could this mean their demise has truly drawn nigh?

    But seriously....I can see maybe a potential slowdown, but a total disintegration (as forcasted)? Lay off the vodka and get real russkie...
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    Originally posted here by allenb1963
    But seriously....I can see maybe a potential slowdown, but a total disintegration (as forcasted)? Lay off the vodka and get real russkie...
    Ya. We discussed this at work a week or two ago when there weren't any calls coming in. The internet is based on ARPAnet which was developed by the government (military if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong) as a communications device and they designed it so that it would be extremely difficult to bring down. Hopefully it'll stand up to this test (if it turns out to be big) as it has previously.

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