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Thread: Maps of circuit boards

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    Maps of circuit boards

    I'm interested in how computer chips actually work. I want to see pictures of them in close detail. I want to see pictures of circut boards with explanations behind the transistors, capasitors, and so forth. I know this doesn't pertain to the security world, but I believe there are some really intelligent people here who could give me some direction.



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    A good start would be

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    I suggest you learn to hang out at Radio Shack for a while. They usually have all sorts of electronic kits like 5 million in 1 kits with a booklet that teaches you stuff from illiminating a LED to putting a button in the mix, along with getting into all sorts of crazy things like AM radio transmitter / reciver. They have IC's put together with some pictorial explanations of what the different pins on them do or act like, and it is really just like a lot of resisters / transistors / capacitors, etc., inside of what looks like a "chip". You won't learn to build these chips, but you can build functional circuits. And maybe if you have the money or connections (local electrical engineering college, etc), you could get someone to print your circuits onto an IC, where you will be able to have your own chip.

    Once you understand how to read and build from the circuit diagrams, you could check out:

    Also see:

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    If you are asking a question like that here, it would be best breaking it down and asking a few at at time,

    ie, how does a transistor work.

    But then if you type that into a search engine you get these

    Im not trying to say well go away and use google but if you want a list of sites about the subject as you say you do, then the best way to get them would be a search engine, not posting here.

    But if you have a more specific question about it afterwards, then that is the time to post here asking about it.
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