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Thread: New badass piece of ad/spyware.

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    Yes is did.

    Mistery solved.
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    Me too

    I believe I dealt with the same spyware you are talking about. Nothing I could do would get rid of it. I ran every spyware and adware removal tool I could find with no luck. For me it was a popup that only came up when I was online. It would open up multiple popups as well. So for curiosity I got online and waited till the popup came and ran netsta /a from the command line and noticed I had around 3 connections connected to (if I remember correctly that was the address). When I closed the popup and ran netstat /a the connections were gone. I tested this multiple times and got the same result. The scary part was that if you didn't notice it the popups would just stack up and the connections would increase as well. I tried going to the site listed in the connection under netstat but got a 404 error (go figure). I eventually had to wipe and reload the PC cause it was extremely frustrating. Thanks for the link to the removal tool. I'll make sure I use it at work on customers computers with the same problem.
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    This site is in fact relatively safe if you are behind a firewall, and use something such as SpyHunter to protect your computer from malicious code. Also I would recommend using another browser besides IE to search the internet with. Perhaps, Mozilla.

    Spybot should be used on a regular basis if you find the need or curiousity to visit these types of sites. A firewall and anti-virus program should also be ran continuously throughout your endevor as many websites that provide illegal/copyrighted content for free protect themselves from people that shouldn't be there by embedding a virus/malicious script on the web site. For example, if you go to and type something in the search engine, once you hit SEARCH you are hit with a virus. If you ware seeking a hacked/cracked program, you may be surprised to find that most real hacker websites, are not at all what they seem, unless you know exactly how to get to the good stuff. I'd give some examples, but seeing how you are all discussing the possibly of having the government shut down the website, I chose not to disclose any such info.

    By the way, phazedll, is not a reliable source for what you are looking for, but you are headed in the right direction. Read the website carefully.


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    Well... that's what you get for going to a warez site!
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    Originally posted here by malefact0r
    Well... that's what you get for going to a warez site!
    You know, this is a very good point.

    Why on EARTH anyone trusts any of these warez sites is above and beyond me. You're talking about a group of people who spend their time helping others rip off software companies. How ethical would you expect these people to be, and why would you trust them to deliver what they say they are delivering to you?

    Yes, companies like Microsoft have some responsibility in helping to curve the malware/adware/spyware problem. BUT, people also need to take some of the responsibility too, and acknowledge that if they're engaged in illegal activities with the help of organized crime (which most of these warez sites are shown to be run by), they shouldn't expect to have a safe and secure computing experience while doing it.

    Sure, innocent people doing innocent things get infected, and that needs to stop. Although, I would be willing to place a pretty hefty bet that the vast majority of these types of infections are received by people trying to do things they shouldn't be trying to do anyway......

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