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Thread: Bmp to jpeg

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    Bmp to jpeg

    Does anyone know of a free command line program to convert bmp's to jpeg's?
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    I don't know of one, but I can tell you if someone here does then google probably does too.
    It's your friend. If you do find one post it, sounds interesting. I usually just open them in MSPaint and save them as a jpeg. Good luck, and maybe leprechaun will make you one . He's a leet coder.

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    Irfanview ( is one of the best free progams I know of. Supports conversion between just about any format, including converting RAW digital camera files (IIRC).

    BTW, JPEG is horrible for computer drawings. Use PNG instead. JPEG will loose quality and make it look crappy, while PNG will not loose quality, and only work to make the image smaller in file-size. But when it comes to digital photos, JPEG makes the smaller files because it discards unnecessary information that you might not see too well anyways, instead of preserving everything like PNG does.

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    Irfanview is the best of all!!!! I HIGHLY recommand it!
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